Everywhere you look today someone is customizing a street rod, hot rod, NASCAR race car, or upgrading the looks and paint on an old car. In Auto Collision Repair, students will use correct procedures, and state-of-the art equipment to repair damaged vehicles. Students will paint vehicles and parts in a modern downdraft paint booth to produce highest quality finishes. Students must purchase a paint respirator.




  • Auto Body Technician

  • Frame Technician

  • Insurance Adjuster

  • Insurance Appraiser

  • Painter

  • Parts Recycler

  • Shop Owner

  • Welder




Automotive Collision Repair Technology I

Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite: None
This introductory course includes training in the areas of metal straightening, MIG welding, plastic repair, and detailing. Basic repair techniques and work safety are emphasized as students learn to repair, replace, adjust, and install trim and accessories. Students also learn to research and purchase used vehicles for quality repair. Formal classroom instruction comprises approximately twenty percent of course time.

Automotive Collision Repair Technology  II

Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite: Automotive Collision Repair Technology I
This course offers advanced study of the automotive repair service through work in the lab on metalworking, panel replacement and basic body alignment skills, refinishing, painting, and detailing. The measuring, pulling, and straightening of collision cars is studied.

Automotive Collision Repair Technology III

Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Automotive Collision Repair Technology II
The study of automotive repair is covered in this course through advanced projects. Skills to be enhanced are problem solving, estimating repair cost, glass installation, and body and frame alignment. Students learn to mix paint to match manufacturer specifications and apply paint in the downdraft paint booth.